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Mindful. Expressive. Effortlessly elevated.

BOEALOE rediscovers classic silhouettes to create timeless yet modern garments. Committed to mindful manufacturing, BOEALOE upcycles deadstock and recycled fabrics into sustainable garments that will function as staples in your closet. Marrying the brand’s ethics to a love for expressive pieces and eye for detail, BOEALOE consciously caters to the mindful modernist.

“We believe our sustainability journey starts with our designs. We are creating a library of timeless pieces made to last throughout the seasons. Effortless, so you will want to wear them all day. Expressive, so they will keep you interested for years to come.” 



Founder Wendy

In life, Wendy is always looking for balance. Soft, but determined. Calm, but vibrant. This translates to the garments she creates. Blending the effortless with the sharply tailored, the familiarity of the classics with the excitement of the expressive. Not forcing or rushing anything, but allowing BOEALOE and its collection of garments to grow organically.

This uncommon vision is driven by her past. After studying at the Rotterdam Academy of Fine Arts, she worked as a freelance stylist and fashion editor (ELLE, Cosmopolitan, COSMO Girl) throughout her early twenties. At twenty-five she suffered from anxiety and depression and quit her job to take the time to work on her mental health. This created the opportunity to look at the fashion industry from a distance. She realized that there was a downside to fashion that affects people and planet. The fast pace of trends, the encouragement of overconsumption, unethical practices by global brands and the constant ill-considered use of valuable resources are among the drawbacks that, in her eyes, weigh down the good. 

Fashion is about emotion. Emotions are a beautiful thing, most beautiful when they are in balance. BOEALOE is a journey towards this balance.